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6R Platform Solution

A Full Feature software solution that let’s you manage your reputation, social media, and online listings.

Digital Agency Services

Digital Agency Services including SEO, Pay-per-Click Advertising, Facebook and Instagram Ads, and Video Ads.

WiFi Marketing Solutions

Provide free or paid WiFi to customers and build your customer list and  advertise to them online.


Our Platform Features

Review Monitoring

Social Monitoring

Business Listings

Competitor Monitoring

Online Mentions

Analytics & Reporting

Our 6 “R” Approach to Marketing

Recognition (Branding)
It starts with creating a unique and memorable brand experience for your customers. Is your branding recognizable? Does it reinforce the message your want to promote to your customers. In today’s world, your branding must stand out and be recognized above the competition.
Reach (List Distribution, SEO, Paid Advertising )
Beyond a website, your business must be found everywhere your customers are searching for your products and services. Beyond search engines, you must be found in local directories, industry websites, social media, GPS maps, and voice search like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.
Relationship (Social Media and Email Marketing)
Once a customer recognizes and finds you, how easy is it for them to do business with you? Find out more information about your business, products, and services? Today’s customers are used to on demand information and if you don’t make it easy to find it, they will leave for your completion.
Reputation Management(Google and Yelp Reviews)
You’ve work hard to build your brand and reputation. Now show the world your results by sharing reviews about your products and services. Customers use reviews to make 80% of buying decisions. Make sure your business reviews stand out, while
Results ( Sales, Converisons, Tracking)
Everyone likes results. If you’ve done the 4 R’s above correctly, this will produce sales and conversions. Our team track and manages the results to identify areas for improvement and where we can scale to generate more revenue for our clients.
Resells (Upsells and Referrals)
A happy customer is a repeat customer and your best advertiser. Reward loyalty by offering special offers and services. Incentivize your customers to promote your business and brands. Make it easy for your customers to refer other customers.

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